Lee Jackson is a British Superbike race winner after getting the better of Tommy Bridewell and Bradley Ray in race three at Oulton Park.

2022 British Superbike Oulton Park - Race Results (3)
1Lee JacksonGBRFS-3 Racing Kawasaki18 laps
2Tommy BridewellGBROxford Products Racing Ducati+2.909s
3Bradley RayGBRRICH Energy OMG Racing Yamaha+3.036s
4Rory SkinnerGBRFS-3 Racing Kawasaki+5.596s
5Leon HaslamGBRVisiontrack Kawasaki+5.841s
6Jason O'HalloranAUSMcAMS Yamaha+6.741s
7Glenn IrwinGBRHonda Racing UK+9.594s
8Josh BrookesAUSMCE Ducati+9.762s
9Peter HickmanGBRFHO Racing BMW+9.897s
10Kyle RydeGBRRICH Energy OMG Racing Yamaha+13.468s
11Tom SykesGBRMCE Ducati+15.968s
12Storm StaceyGBRTeam LKQ Euro Parts Kawasaki+16.314s
13Danny BuchanGBRSYNETIQ BMW Motorrad+25.179s
14Christian IddonGBRBuildbase Suzuki+27.423s
15Dan LinfootGBRIForce BMW+34.000s
16Dean HarrisonGBRDAO Racing Kawasaki+34.264s
17Takumi TakahashiJAPHonda Racing UK+40.631s
18Josh OwensGBRCDH Racing Kawasaki+41.193s
19Dan JonesGBRIforce BMW+48.230s
20Leon JeacockGBRSpecsavers Suzuki+53.924s
21Ryo MizunoJAPHonda Racing UK+55.982s
22Luke HopkinsGBRBlack Onyx Security Honda+56.484s
23Danny KentGBRBuildbase SuzukiDNF
24Bjorn EstmentSAPowerslide Catfoss SuzukiDNF
25Andrew IrwinGBRSYNETIQ BMW MotorradDNF
26Chrissy RouseGBRCrowe Performance BMWDNF
27Ryan VickersGBRFHO Racing BMW with Attis SportsDNF
28Tom NeaveGBRHonda Racing UKDNF
28Liam DelvesGBRCDH Racing KawasakiDNF

Disaster struck for FHO Racing BMW rider Ryan Vickers before lights out as he pulled into pit lane after the formation lap - Leon Haslam was seen instructing the BMW man to pull off-track after smoke appeared. 

At the front, Kyle Ryde took the lead for the first time today from team-mate Bradley Ray, however, the double Oulton Park winner responded with a brilliant move into turn five. 

Vickers did eventually get underway before once again pulling off-track after smoke from the rear of his M 1000 RR intensified. 

For the second time in as many races the Safety Car was deployed following a nasty crash on lap one (turn one) for Tom Neave. 

Lap three and the Safety Car pulled in which released Ray and Ryde ahead of the FS-3 Kawasaki duo. 

Like Neave, another awful highside took place at turn one, this time it was Andrew Irwin who crashed for the second time today. The SYQNEITQ BMW rider appeared very winded before slowly making his way to the side of the circuit. 

With a clear track in front of him, Ray bolted clear of Ryde to the tune of over a second on lap five.

Ryde lost second and third to Jackson and Tommy Bridewell at the start of lap six, as arm pump issues appeared to be haunting the Yamaha rider yet again. 

Despite Jackson and Bridewell pushing on the pace, both riders were proving no match for Ray who was over 2.5s clear. Looking to make up for race two, Bridewell made his way past Jackson for P2 on lap eight. 

Ryde’s struggles continued as Skinner got through for fifth on lap nine. That then became seventh for the Rich Energy OMG Racing rider as Jason O’Halloran took advantage of Ryde’s physical condition (lap ten). 

Just when it appeared Ray was a shoo-in for a hat-trick of wins, Bridewell began to rapidly close in on the Yamaha rider.

Lap 12 was a significant one as Bridewell, who was already closing to the tune of half a second a lap, brought his Panigale V4 R right onto the back of Ray.  

A move for the lead then took place on lap 14 as Bridewell used the Ducati’s top speed to get ahead on the back-straight. Ray was visibly struggling for grip, and although he looked to respond, Jackson pounced on Ray for P2. 

That wasn’t it as the lead changed again on lap 15 when Jackson put a very strong move on Bridewell at turn five. After gapping the two behind, Jackson controlled the pace all the way through to the flag, while the Bridewell came home just ahead of Ray.

Official British Superbike Oulton Park Records

Oulton Park BSB Lap Record - Bradley Ray Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha 1:33.620s 

2022 Oulton Park BSB Winners

Race One: Bradley Ray (Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha)

Race Two: Bradley Ray (Rich Energy OMG Racing Yamaha)  

2021 Oulton Park BSB Winners

Race One: Jason O’Halloran (McAMS Yamaha)

Race Two: Jason O’Halloran (McAMS Yamaha)

Race Three: Jason O’Halloran (McAMS Yamaha)

Round nine (The Showdown):

Race One: Jason O’Halloran (McAMS) Yamaha

Race Two: Tommy Bridewell (Oxford Products Racing Ducati)

Race Three: Tommy Bridewell (Oxford Products Racing Ducati

Bradley Ray completes dominant Oulton British Superbike double

2022 British Superbike Oulton Park - Race Results (2)
1Bradley RayGBRRICH Energy OMG Racing Yamaha18 Laps
2Lee JacksonGBRFS-3 Racing Kawasaki+0.585s
3Leon HaslamGBRVisiontrack Kawasaki+3.389s
4Kyle RydeGBRRICH Energy OMG Racing Yamaha+3.528s
5Rory SkinnerGBRFS-3 Racing Kawasaki+3.830s
6Jason O'HalloranAUSMcAMS Yamaha+7.651s
7Christian IddonGBRBuildbase Suzuki+7.799s
8Peter HickmanGBRFHO Racing BMW+8.252s
9Glenn IrwinGBRHonda Racing UK+10.001s
10Josh BrookesAUSMCE Ducati+10.908s
11Danny BuchanGBRSYNETIQ BMW Motorrad+11.440s
12Ryan VickersGBRFHO Racing BMW with Attis Sports+11.985s
13Tom SykesGBRMCE Ducati+13.299s
14Storm StaceyGBRTeam LKQ Euro Parts Kawasaki+13.508s
15Tom NeaveGBRHonda Racing UK+13.588s
16Chrissy RouseGBRCrowe Performance BMW+19.073s
17Dean HarrisonGBRDAO Racing Kawasaki+19.414s
18Josh OwensGBRCDH Racing Kawasaki+19.530s
19Danny KentGBRBuildbase Suzuki+24.194s
20Dan LinfootGBRIForce BMW+24.261s
21Takumi TakahashiJAPHonda Racing UK+26.609s
22Ryo MizunoJAPHonda Racing UK+31.131s
23Dan JonesGBRIforce BMW+31.263s
24Luke HopkinsGBRBlack Onyx Security Honda+31.310s
25Leon JeacockGBRSpecsavers Suzuki+50.384s
26Liam DelvesGBRCDH Racing KawasakiDNF
27Luke MosseyGBRTAG Racing HondaDNF
28Bjorn EstmentSAPowerslide Catfoss SuzukiDNF
28Tommy BridewellGBROxford Products Racing DucatiDNF
30Andrew IrwinGBRSYNETIQ BMW MotorradDNF

After leading all-but one lap during race one on Sunday, Ray managed to lead the entire way in race two after starting from pole. 

While Ray kept the lead after getting another stunning launch, the Yamaha rider wasn’t alone in making a good start as team-mate Ryde remained second. Skinner was the only rider on the front row to lose a spot after team-mate Jackson got through into turn one.

A Safety Car just after mid-race distance brought the field closer together following Luke Mossey’s big shunt in sector four, however, it had no bearing on Ray as he immediately gapped the chasing pack on the restart.

While Ray pulled clear to the tune of two seconds, his team-mate began to struggle with arm pump as Jackson was first to take advantage. 

A brilliant end to the race saw Leon Haslam gain fourth off Skinner, before turning that into P3 on the final lap as he too got through on Ryde. 

Skinner remained a close fifth, while pre-race podium favourite Bridewell was the big name to crash out. The Ducati rider lost the front at the final corner whilst battling Skinner, but lined-up fourth for race three.