Mercedes has joined Ferrari in a threat to quit Formula 1. When asked if Mercedes would leave F1 Toto Wolff said “Such a scenario is quite conceivable. Just as it is for Ferrari.” - Krone

Kimi Raikkonen has stated that he is ’not worried’ about the possibility of sharing the grid with Robert Kubica next year. The Ferrari driver said: “Why should I be worried? I am happy for him. It’s great if he finds a place at a team again." - F1 Fansite


Motorsport director Ross Brawn thinks that the old F1 logo is “neither iconic or memorable” after Liberty Media confirmed the new design earlier this week. Brawn said: “Apart from the commercial aspects, the new logo is much more flexible in terms of its use, especially when it comes to its application on merchandising and in the digital world. It has impact." - Planet F1

Nico Rosberg has been suggested as a potential replacement for Niki Lauda as a television pundit. When quizzed about the possibility, the former world champion said: “I still don’t know what I’m going to do next year, but I’m basically open to anything.” - Bild