2017 provided plenty of memorable and dramatic moments in Formula 1 but with the year wrapping up and teams reflecting on their respective seasons is there a flashback which stands out above all others?

Formula1.com’s vote saw the Singapore Grand Prix start crash between Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen come out on top of the sport’s most dramatic moment of 2017. Avoiding a like-for-like debate, we’re after the greatest moment in F1 this year and your reasons why.

Taking a sideways view at the season, Crash named its favourite ‘alternative awards’ for this campaign which stretched from Kevin Magnussen’s “suck my balls” confrontation with Nico Hulkenberg after the Hungarian Grand Prix to the comedy routine of Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Daniel Ricciardo during the pre-event Abu Dhabi Grand Prix FIA drivers’ press conference.

Of course there were a vast number of on track moments which will live long in the memory, from Hamilton’s record pole position and his emotional gift from the Ayrton Senna family to his clash behind the safety car with Vettel at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

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