West McLaren-Mercedes driver Kimi Raikkonen describes a lap of Indianapolis - site of this weekend's US Grand Prix:

"Powering up to some 209mph / 335km/h in seventh gear as you cross the famous yard of bricks at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, you then brake hard for the tight right hander that takes you onto the twisty infield section of the track.

"The 90-degree turn is taken at 56mph / 90km/h in second gear and immediately flows into an equally tight left-hander, which is taken at the slightly increased speed of 71mph / 115km/h, still in second.

"The circuit then gently bends to the right as you accelerate along to turn four. You brake from speeds of around 140mph / 225km/h in fifth to 80mph / 128km/h for the right hander. A short burst of power takes you to turn five, a 45-degree right hander, which is taken at 71mph / 115km/h in second gear.

"Another quick spurt on the throttle leads to the long 180-degree left hander of turn six. This swings you, at some 70mph / 112km/h, into turn seven, a right-hander that is negotiated at similar speeds and leads onto the back straight.

"Accelerating down towards the 90-degree turn eight, you reach 181mph / 290km/h in seventh gear before dropping to 75mph / 120km/h in third for the left hander. The s-bends of turns nine and ten follow immediately. The tight right-hander of nine is taken at 46mph / 75km/h in first gear, with your speed increasing ever so slightly to 56mph / 90km/h in second for the left hander of ten.

"On the exit it's quick on the power along the short straight that leads to the final corner of the infield section, reaching some 126mph / 200km/h, before braking to 81mph / 130km/h to negotiate the right hander.

"Accelerating out, the circuit begins to curve to the right as you rejoin the oval. Flicking up through the gears, you keep hard on the throttle through the rights of turns twelve and thirteen, which leads you back onto the pit straight.

"Turn twelve is taken at 156mph / 250km/h and by the time you reach the long, sweeping banking of turn 13, you are travelling at some 190mph / 305km/h in top gear as you begin another lap..."