- Daniel Ricciardo made the day of two very big fans in Brazil. Ana Luiza Kalil and Beatriz Rosenburg were invited to the paddock after the Australian heard about Ana’s fighting cancer story. She had already won a competition Daniel did last year in Abu Dhabi, when he asked fans to tell their stories and make a shoey. Since then, her cancer has returned and she has been going through intense treatment, but gathered forces to come to the race. And ended up surprised by her own idol.

- Beatriz and Ana gave him a poster with his radio message during the last race, with his helmet colours. And he liked it so much the “Husky and beautiful” sign was decorating his wall right after he met the fans.

- The Friday was a typical São Paulo day: some periods of rain, cold and heat. And even Pirelli’s Mario Isola looked confused as he walked in the paddock trying to feel the rain that Meteo France were announcing on their radars. There is a huge lake very close to the circuit (Interlagos means 'between lakes' in English exactly because of it), so the water evaporates and it rains quickly. But it should remain dry for the remainder of the weekend.

- The paddock was full was promising Brazilian drivers, such as Renault’s Caio Collet from F3 and Ferrari’s Gianluca Petecof, currently in F4. With no Braziians on the grid, there is always the question about who is the next one, but it looks like the country will have no representatives in the next few years.

- But the locals do feel there's a half Brazilian on the grid: Lewis Hamilton wears a helmet designed by a local, Raí Caldato, and is using a lid with the country's colours this weekend as part of his regular tribute to Ayrton Senna.

- But there was more than one Lewis this Friday in Interlagos: a lookalike fan was waiting outside the paddock wearing the Mercedes overall. Even the driver's security guard stopped for a picture with the Brazilian Hamilton.



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