Lewis Hamilton's romp to the 2020 Formula 1 World Championship title might have felt like a case of deja vu for those that have followed the British star from his very first race 12 years ago, but - statistically at least - this one carries particular significance.

There was a time when few could have imagined Michael Schumacher's achievements would be matched, least of all within 16 years after the German legend wrapped up his seventh and final success.

Achieving his feat with McLaren (2008) and Mercedes (2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019, 2020), while some will point to the fact the 'Silver Arrows' have had the measure of the field ever since the V6 Hybrid era began, there have been moments of pure magic regardless from one of motorsport's undoubted living legends. 

How Do Lewis Hamilton's Seven F1 Titles Rank?


But how do his titles compare to one another? Firstly, this list is not to suggest that any of Hamilton’s successes were ‘bad’ or less deserved than another in any way. Instead, it is more a consideration of how they stack up against each other when considering a number of factors from machinery, to rivalries, to at times controversialon and off track moments.

From title glory in only his second season competing in F1 - memorably achieved in last lap, last corner showdown that will forever live in infamy - to his almost peerless route to the 2020 F1 title at the wheel of the 'noir' Mercedes, here are Lewis Hamilton's landmark title successes in rank order.

What do you think? Is there one title that stands out to you and do you think Hamilton will surpass the great Schumacher to make it an unprecedented eight world titles in 2021?