Ferrari Chairman and CEO, Sergio Marchionne has revealed that Niki Lauda will not be joining the Italian team after recent speculation. Marchionne has said “Niki Lauda is fundamental to Mercedes. He always understands what happens in the mind of the driver, which is a great value and he rarely makes mistakes in evaluating what a driver does. However, in our team there is no space for a prophet like him." - Sportsmole

Former World Champion Nico Rosberg says the Las Vegas Grand Prix is so good that if it returned he “would have to make a comeback” for it. Rosberg retired in 2016 and said in regards to the Las Vegas GP “That is the absolute top notch, highest ever possible… And deciding the championship there, that would be pretty special." - Planet F1

Mercedes engine boss Andy Cowell has described the changes to engine rules for this year as “crazy”. Cowell said “It’s crazy, because the manufacturers will have to virtually redo many parts. We will build at least 80-100 engines and then test them on the bench and take the three or four that have the best reliability and power characteristics. That’s a huge cost that manufacturers will not be able to recover." - F1 Fansite

The FIA have reportedly approved CP tech as the first Halo supplier. Managing Director Thomas Casey has said CP Tech were chosen due to their “expertise in the complex mechanical processing of titanium and additional materials. It is another lighthouse project that we can be proud of based on our experience of more than 25 years in the motorsport business." - Planet F1



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