- Mayor of London Sadiq Khan says he’s keen on the city hosting a Formula 1 grand prix alongside Silverstone.

He told the Evening Standard: "We’re speaking to Formula 1 and they’re really receptive. The reality is that the reigning champion of the world is a Brit. Lewis Hamilton is a credit to our nation and the sport, and it would great to have a grand prix in the capital city, to have Silverstone and London on the calendar."

- The FIA has revealed its stricter technical directive regarding mandatory tyre operating procedures after the two tyre blowouts in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix last time out.

As cited by the BBC, teams will now be required to observe the relationship of minimum pressure as a function of tyre temperature. This will be checked after qualifying or the race after letting tyres cool down, or by reheating them to Pirelli’s temperature guidelines. 

The maximum tyre blanket temperatures will also be checked more, while the time teams can spend heating their tyres will be limited.

- Silverstone hopes to get the go-ahead from the UK government to have a full 140,000 capacity crowd at next month’s British GP. (Daily Mail)

2016 F1 champion Nico Rosberg is unconvinced that Mercedes should replace Valtteri Bottas with Williams’ George Russell. (Sky News)

Aston Martin sporting director Andy Stevenson has revealed his experience with Damon Hill at Jordan in the late-1990s convinced him that signing Sebastian Vettel for 2021 was the right move for the team. (Forbes)

Alpine academy driver Christian Lundgaard got behind a 2018 Renault car at Silverstone as he completed over 100 laps.

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