By Josh Kruse
It's been a strong start to the season for you... do you feel you have maximised the Toro Rosso so far this year?

Carlos Sainz:
I'm obviously really happy with how these first races have gone. Particularly with the early points, particularly with Monaco especially, that was a big weekend for me. It hasn't been as easy as it looks, sometimes we've struggled to qualify in the top 12, even in the top 10 compared to last year - it's a lot tighter to get in there. We have to do a lot of races coming a bit from the back, but still we've managed to get the points. The team has improved a lot in pit stop strategy, so it's helping.
So it's been a culmination of a bigger team effort...

Carlos Sainz:
It's a bit of a different situation in the past where we were qualifying in Q3 then defending the position. This year we are qualifying a bit more backwards due to the lack of pace in qualifying, but we look to do a good job in races, we've had very good starts, I don't think I've lost a position yet at the start. Pushing a lot, risking a lot and eventually getting into the points.
What will be a successful result once we get to the last race in Abu Dhabi?

Carlos Sainz:
That we will be P5 in the constructors' championship at least, that's the target of Toro Rosso, it's been the target for the past three seasons, and from there we will see. Personally, getting in the points whenever I finish a race and keep this run of consistency that I'm having now.
Who is your favourite driver to race against, who gives you the most satisfaction?

Carlos Sainz:
Probably Fernando, Lewis, all these guys because I know that they are the best in the world, and getting to drive next to them in 2015 was a dream come true. Now. It's not like that because you get used to it, but I remember my first races was a pretty good feeling.
What are your favourite circuits from any series to race on?

Carlos Sainz:
Silverstone, Macau and Spa.
Are there any you would like to see added to the calendar?

Carlos Sainz:
I heard Bathurst is really good, I wouldn't mind going there for sure!
What are your top three emojis?

Carlos Sainz:
The monkey with the eyes, the finger - for all my friends - and the cheeky smile one that's like a smirk.
What is the worst joke that you know?

Carlos Sainz:
It's a difficult one to tell in English. Maybe 'why is six afraid of seven... because seven eight nine!'



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