Porpoising, where the new era of F1 cars violently bounce up and down due to an increase, then a sudden decrease, of downforce, is among the hottest topics in the sport this season.

Mercedes driver Russell, who finished Sunday’s Emilia Romagna Grand Prix in fourth, said about the physical toll of porpoising: "When the car is in the right window and the tyres are in the right window, the car - except for the bouncing - feels really good to drive.

"But the bouncing, it really takes your breath away. It's the most extreme I've ever felt it.

"I really hope we find a solution and I hope every team struggling with the bouncing finds a solution, because it's not sustainable for the drivers to continue.

"This is the first weekend I've truly been struggling with my back, and almost like chest pains from the severity of the bouncing.

"It's just what we have to do to go and do the fastest laps."

F1 driver Lance Stroll on porpoising: 'It's not fun'

Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll said before the Grand Prix: “It’s been pretty bad for us on some occasions.

“Generally, we’ve been limited with the floor just breaking so we have to watch how much we porpoise for those reasons.

“It looks like the Ferraris and Mercedes can porpoise more than us. So they must have a floor that’s more robust and isn’t as fragile as ours, potentially.

“When it does start porpoising, it’s not fun and the neck is a little sore the next the next day.

“But it’s just a part of learning about these new cars and understanding how different they are. And I think it’s been a surprise for everyone.

“Everyone up and down this pit lane, if they can solve porpoising they would be very happy – and we’re included in that bunch.

“I really do think it’s early days. I’m confident that as a team we can improve and push this car further.”

Max Verstappen, Sergio Perez and Lando Norris had a chat in the cool-down room after the F1 Emilia Romagna Grand Prix when they thought the cameras were elsewhere - this is every word they said…


Lando Norris: I am a bit heavy this weekend.


Sergio Perez: It’s sh*t when you’re heavy, huh? You can’t get it [going].


Max Verstappen: I am four-and-a-half kilos heavier than you guys!


Lando Norris: Go for another run…


Max Verstappen: I think that I need more than one run.


F1 podium rivals talk about Charles Leclerc...


Sergio Perez: [Talking about Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc] He was so fast in the chicanes. 


Max Verstappen: All the time?


Sergio Perez: He was taking, I think, three-tenths [of a second] each lap. It was a bit damp, no. I just went straight. All of a sudden, I saw him flying! That was the last thing I saw from him. Did he damage his wing?


Lando Norris: Yeah…


Sergio Perez: [Watching highlights of Leclerc’s spin] Look how fast he was, man!


Lando Norris: He was taking so much kerb.


Max Verstappen: He managed to continue, no?


Lando Norris: Yeah.


Max Verstappen: He boxed. Look, the front wing is damaged.


Lando Norris: He should have continued like that. He probably would still have been quicker than me!


Max Verstappen: Yeah but I don’t know how the tyres work. Did he finish eighth? Ninth?


*Leclerc finished sixth…


Max Verstappen: I had to overtake a five-car train. Did you pass them?


Sergio Perez: I overtook them but then I boxed.


Max Verstappen: That train was together for the whole race!


Lando Norris: I was watching on TV.


Max Verstappen: They were together for the whole race and I had to pass them twice.