The grid was packed with a who’s who of the celebrity and sports world at Formula One’s inaugural Grand Prix at this new location.

The Sky Sports pundit and ex-F1 driver spotted Beckham, owner of Inter Miami FC, and darted towards him only to be denied.


Brundle said: “There is a melee around him so we’ll have to get quite pushy!


“David, it’s Martin, Sky!”

But Beckham turned in the opposite direction to look at Max Verstappen’s Red Bull - the team whose team principal Christian Horner is, of course, also married to a Spice Girl.

“That’s the second time he’s blanked me,” Brundle said. “I didn’t even get a free-kick on that one!”


Brundle then hilariously thought he had snared an exclusive with NFL superstar Patrick Mahomes.


He allowed Mahomes to explain what a privilege it was to be stood on the F1 grid pre-race… only to realise mid-interview that it wasn’t Mahomes.

It was Paolo Banchero, basketball prodigy expected to become the NBA No 1 draft pick.

“It’s not Patrick - that’s why he ignored me,” Brundle said in full earshot of Banchero.

Brundle, totally oblivious, asked: “What is your name?”

“Paolo Banchero.”

Brundle: “I thought I was talking to somebody else! So I’m sorry about that…”

And he muttered as he strolled off: “Whatever…”


The Sky Sports man grabbed a word with Venus and Serena Williams then, when tapping DJ Khalid on the shoulder, received a full rap in return.

“I’m not going to add any words to that,” Brundle said. “Beautifully summed up, sir!”

He also met Pharrell Williams who said: I love Ferrari cars but Lewis Hamilton is my brother.”

Celebrities on the grid ahead of F1 Miami Grand Prix