Vettel walked out of the drivers’ briefing "without permission" and "expressing frustration at the meeting" after qualifying at the Red Bull Ring.

The Aston Martin driver was subsequently handed a suspended €25,000 fine for his actions.

Sky Sports F1’s Ted Kravtiz revealed on Sunday that Vettel walked out following 20 minutes of talking about driving standards in the sport, leaving the German frustrated about how long the discussion was taking and the lack of progress made.

“They kept going around… apparently, there was a big argument between all the drivers - they were talking about driving standards and it went on for 20 minutes,” Kravitz explained. 

“Sebastian was sitting there and thinking, look we are going around and around in circles, we haven’t got onto the actual drivers’ briefing yet, if you’re not going to talk about it, I am just going to walk out.”

"The driver, Sebastian Vettel, left the drivers’ meeting that was held at 19:30 on Friday 8 July, without permission, and expressing frustration at the meeting," the stewards noted. 

"Drivers are not free to leave when they want, this being a breach of the requirement to attend. Drivers at this level are role models for every driver around the world and in the opinion of the Stewards Vettel failed to live up to that standard in this case.

"Subsequently Vettel had a meeting with the Race Director, who informed the Stewards that Vettel apologized without reservation, and that further, they had a very constructive conversation covering the topics in the meeting and more. The Stewards determine that there is a breach, which cannot go without penalty, but that based on the report from the Race Director there are factors in mitigation.

"Therefore, the Stewards order a fine of €25,000, which is suspended for the remainder of the 2022 season, subject to any breach of Article 20.1 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations or of Article 12.2.1 f) of the International Sporting Code."

Vettel endured a difficult weekend at the Austrian Grand Prix, finishing 17th and last of the classified finishers following an incident with Pierre Gasly at Turn 4.