Hamilton revealed ahead of the F1 French Grand Prix this weekend that only nine out of 10 F1 teams have committed to The Hamilton Commission, which he set up in 2021 to boost diversity and inclusion.

Hamilton opted not to publicly name that team - but Crash.net understands it is Williams.

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Williams clarified their position to Crash.net: “We last had conversations with the Royal Academy of Engineering back in March and we are awaiting further information from them on such an important topic, of which we at Williams Racing already have serious active programmes. 

“We have no knowledge of the progress and of who has and has not signed up to date, as it has been several months since we had any communication from them. 

“Once we are in possession of further information and a copy of the final charter, we can look into it.”

Hamilton said earlier this week: ““We’ve gone back and forth with them and for some reason they don’t want to, but all the other nine teams have, which is really encouraging.

“F1 needs to do more. All the teams need to do more. 

“I think we are very close to getting this diversity inclusion charter going and I think there’s one team, still the same team, is not willing to engage. 

“But I’m grateful to see that the other teams are willing to step forward and do the work.”

Hamilton was racially abused by Nelson Piquet, the ex-F1 champion, earlier this season and has spoken out in favour of diversity in the wake of that outrage. 

He also condemned reports of sexual harassment from fans at the F1 Austrian Grand Prix.