During the F1 Singapore Grand Prix, Wolff was critical of Red Bull after reports emerged that the team had broken F1’s budget cap rules last year.

The FIA are expected to issue certifications of compliance with the 2021 regulations on Wednesday (October 5), when it will be officially revealed whether teams have adhered to the financial regulations or not.

Ralf Schumacher - the brother of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher - believes Wolff still hasn’t moved on from the events of the 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

“No matter what comes out: for me, Toto Wolff, with his harsh criticism, is rather the sore loser who has not yet digested the fact that he lost the 2021 World Championship,” Schumacher told Sky Germany.

“I think that’s a shame. What is clear, however, is that the cost cap must be adhered to. If that wasn’t the case, then of course there must be a penalty.”

He added: “The basic structure has definitely been shaken.

“The FIA has to investigate itself, because it must not and cannot happen that something slips out. 

“What is happening here is only damaging Formula 1 and only the world governing body itself can be to blame. 

“The FIA must be investigated here and possibly punished.”