Retiring Vettel would “seriously consider” one-off F1 return at Suzuka

Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel says he would “seriously consider” a one-off return to F1 to race at Suzuka even after he retires at the end of the season.
Sebastian Vettel (GER) Aston Martin F1 Team. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 18, Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka, Japan,
Sebastian Vettel (GER) Aston Martin F1 Team. Formula 1 World…

Vettel will make final appearance at Suzuka this weekend, the scene of his 2011 title triumph and four grand prix victories.

Speaking on Thursday in the FIA's F1 Japanese GP press conference, Vettel admitted he’d be open to returning to F1 if it meant he could drive at Suzuka again.

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“Maybe one of these guys, in one of the future races here, will feel a bit sick,” he said. “I don't wish them to feel so but I wouldn't mind jumping back for a race at Suzuka at any time. Obviously we will see what the future brings but at the moment I have no plans.

“But there are some exciting races happening in Japan. I don't know, we will see.”

The German was then asked if he was being serious about a one-off return: “About a one-race career in the future? Yeah.

“If anybody is happy to sign up a driver for a single race - I'm sure these guys wouldn't be happy to step aside - but it would be something I'd seriously consider.”

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Aston Martin F1 Team with fans. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 18, Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka,
Sebastian Vettel (GER) Aston Martin F1 Team with fans. Formula 1 World…

Vettel refused to get drawn into details about what series or cars he will drive after F1 as he was questioned about Japan’s two main motorsport championships - Super GT and Super Formula.

“I guess they are racing in Suzuka as well,” he added. “I don't know, never say never. It is a great track for many, many reasons, and who knows what the future brings. I don't know.

“Obviously, I love driving, and around this track, I always felt very alive and the passion feels very alive. We will see what type of car, in the future, will come up.”

Ahead of his 12th, and most likely, final Japanese GP at Suzuka, Vettel conceded that “it does feel a bit different”.

"I've always loved the track, I think it stands out," Vettel explained. "It's my favourite track on the calendar, and the calendars have changed over so many years.

"Tracks have disappeared - well, they're still there but they're not on the calendar anymore - and we've added other tracks.But from my very first time this has been a special place, just the layout of corners, the first sector, it's iconic, a figure-of-eight track, the only one we have, plus then the atmosphere and the attention the sport gets when we come here is crazy.

"Lots of very nice memories. I didn't think at the other races...obviously, I know it will be my last time in other places, too, but here it does feel a bit different somehow."

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