Michael Schumacher’s nephew breaks his back in fireball crash

David Schumacher, the nephew of Michael Schumacher, broke his back in a fiery crash at the weekend but does not require surgery.
- Qualifying, Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 W03 pole
- Qualifying, Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 W03 pole

The accident happened at the Hockenheim DTM - 20-year-old Schumacher was treated at the scene but his injuries were not thought to be serious.

But former F1 driver Ralf Schumacher, his father, has since told Motorsport magazine: "When David came home, he still complained of back pain. 


“We then decided to visit a hospital in Salzburg to have an MRI. It turned out that a lumbar vertebra is broken.

"According to the attending physicians, this means a break of about six weeks for David." 

German newspaper Bild report that he will not need surgery.

The crash happened when the young Schumacher collided with Thomas Preining - both of their cars hit the barrier and bounced back onto the track.

Denis Olsen, trying to avoid the incident, also hit the barrier and his car burst into flames.

David Schumacher’s mother Cora commented on social after the crash, and blamed Preining: "David Schumacher is doing well so far, that's the most important thing. 

“Nevertheless, I have to say that I find it absolutely not okay of Thomas Preining to express himself negatively about our son every time without any self-reflection. 

 - Free Practice 2, David Schumacher and his father Ralf Schumacher
- Free Practice 2, David Schumacher and his father Ralf Schumacher

“He himself had oversteering and did not have his car under control. It's always easier to look for the mistakes in others."

BMW driver Philipp Eng said about the crash: "It looked like a horror movie. That's not how it works, that's damage in the millions again."

René Rast added: "These are bad scenes that we don't know from the DTM. There were high forces at work."

DTM champion Sheldon van der Linde: "This is a step back after the Nürburgring, people take far too much risk, it's dangerous what happens."

David Schumacher is the cousin of Mick Schumacher, the Haas driver, who sits 16th in the F1 standings.

Michael Schumacher now remains in Switzerland, away from publicity, after his skiing accident nine years ago.

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