According to reports, Haas are expected to announce the signing of Nico Hulkenberg in place of Schumacher for F1 2023.

Ralf has been critical of Steiner and Haas throughout the year, claiming that the team boss is “never satisfied” with Mick’s performances.

“I see it as difficult for Haas to choose Mick, otherwise they would have done it long ago,” Schumacher told Sky Deutschland.

“I think the interaction in the team and the openness of Guenther Steiner – I’ll call it that politely – doesn’t necessarily speak positively.”

“Mick has shown that there is potential but no matter what he did, the team and Guenther Steiner were never satisfied with it. This behaviour cannot be explained with normal standards. It almost has to be something personal.”

Schumacher suggested that the additional attention Mick receives - being the son of seven-time champion Michael Schumacher - is an issue for Steiner.

“I believe that Guenther Steiner cannot deal with the fact that someone else is the focu at Haas. He’s very, very happy to be the one front and centre.”

He added: “You can’t call it personnel management. You have to motivate your employees.

“He’s under constant pressure not to make any mistakes, otherwise he can’t continue to work for Haas. 

“When you’re under that kind of pressure, you can’t drive freely.”