The F1 icon has a joint-record seven championships, including five in a row with Ferrari in a brilliant spell that will remain cemented in history.

His wife Corinna has now said in a new documentary on French TV: "I can still remember what it was like. We were in the garden when Michael asked me: What would you think if we went to [Ferrari]? 

“'Yes,' I said, 'if you can do that, great!’"

Corinna said about her husband’s bond with Jean Todt, the then-Ferrari team principal: "Michael actually has a very good feeling about who he can rely on. 

“And I think he already had that with Jean at the time, that he said he wanted to do something with Jean.

"It would be so nice if Michael could tell the whole story of that time, because I wasn't always there."

Michael Schumacher now lives in Switzerland, with Corinna, away from the public limelight after he was left in a coma by a skiing accident nine years ago.

Todt said in the same documentary: "Michael is still present in my life and will always remain so, no matter what the situation. The question today is how to be well together and how to accompany him and the family."

Todt visited ‘Ristorante Montana’ in Maranello, the place of legend where he often ate with Schumacher.

"That was something like their secret bunker, because there were always at least 1500 fans waiting outside for Mr. Todt and Michael,” the owner said.

Todt said to the owner: "I'll tell Michael that I came here." 

Corinna spoke about Todt: "Being friends with Michael in the early years was such fun. But if the tide turns and suddenly someone can't do it anymore or needs help or if it's not just a holiday anymore or something sad happens, then you see who your friend is.

“And Jean, I have to say quite clearly, is one of the few.

"The nice thing for Michael is to know that someone like Jean is there for us when we have questions. 

“When you know that you have someone by your side who does something for you without any consequences and thinks with you. This is a gift."

The documentary is called ‘La Methode’ (The Method) and is on Canal+, the French TV station. German newspaper Bild reports that the documentary will eventually be released in English too.