Ricciardo will sit on the sidelines for F1 2023 after McLaren terminated his contract a year early.

The Australian was unwilling to drop down the grid with Haas or Williams, ultimately re-joining Red Bull as their third driver.

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Ricciardo has already stated that he doesn’t want to attend more than eight or nine grands prix next year to properly unwind from F1.

“I’m really trying to find a balance of still staying in the sport, to some degree, but giving myself time to, again, just have time for me,” Ricciardo told Speedcafe.com.

“That’s even as simple as even just getting more time to myself to train, to spend in the [time] in the gym, to get better, whatever. That’s what people also don’t understand – I’m sorry, I’m not attacking them – but our schedule’s so busy that I might train one day a week.”

As part of his sabbatical from F1 next year, Ricciardo is hoping to travel across America.

Ricciardo’s love of America has grown significantly over the years, particularly after his prominent role in Netflix documentary ‘Drive to Survive’.

“Just taking more time for me to do things, prioritise some other things but also I’m trying to plan a ride across America,” Ricciardo added. “That’s something that I know will be yes, exciting, fun, but I’ll also just get so much self-reflection time.

“That stuff, for me, is really powerful; just being alone and going through nature.

“All these things, they’re things I’m looking forward to. And I think getting enough alone time as well will answer a lot of questions and give me clarity moving forward; if 2024 is the best thing for me to be back on the grid or not.

“Then it’s up to teams as well to feel like I’m worthy, but think I’ll just answer a lot of questions for myself next year.”