Appearing on the BBC TV show We are England, Hamilton sat down with two talented youngsters in motorsport - Lewis Appigayei and Ruben Stanislaus - to discuss a variety of issues.

One that came up was the topic of managers and their involvement in his career.

Will Lewis Hamilton ever win another F1 world championship?

Hamilton made his debut back in 2007 with McLaren, and his father, Anthony, was his manager. 

Hamilton moved on from his father in 2012, opting to join Mercedes on his own accord at the end of the season.

Anthony went on to manage fellow British driver Paul di Resta for a number of years afterwards.

The Mercedes driver appeared to criticise F1 managers as “they will not be there unless you are doing the business”.

“Your dad or your parents are going to be there for the right reasons, the purest reasons from the get-go. And when there's no success they are the ones who will be there.

“Most often you hire a manager but they will not be there unless you are doing the business.”

Hamilton also expanded on the problems drivers from unrepresented backgrounds have while trying to get into F1.

“Well the problem with our sport is it is expensive,” he added. “But there are a lot of people out there today, companies that are looking at improving diversity and inclusion. There’s a lot of companies out there that want to be partnered with the right message.

“It's not just what you do on track, but it’s also how you present yourself. How you handle yourself when you lose.”