The three-time world champion still had praise for Hamilton, declaring the trio as amongst the very best drivers currently in F1.

Russell out-scored Hamilton during his first year with Mercedes, while Norris enjoyed another incredible year with McLaren.

Why we need to take George Russell more seriously...

With Mercedes expected to be right at the front with their all-new W14, another British champion could be on the way.

In terms of who, Stewart has voiced his support for Russell or Norris.

“There’s a wonderful collection of people right now,” he told the Express. “We’ve got now in Britain three of the best racing drivers in the world. 

“You’ve got Lewis who's been winning time after time after time with the unfortunately German car company

“But that German car company gets all their F1 cars built in [Brackley] because Britain is the capital of technology for motorsport. 

“Our young British racing drivers today, I'd love one to win the world championship this season. That would be fantastic.”

Stewart agrees with Hamilton over GDPA 

Stewart has backed Hamilton’s claim that the drivers through the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association should have more influence on F1.

During his F1 career, Stewart was president of the GDPA, influencing safety changes that have had a lasting effect on the sport.

“I was the president of the Grand Prix Drivers' Association, when the GPDA was much more powerful than it is today by the way.

“I think that's wrong. I think we should have more influence.”