Brooklyn Beckham’s father-in-law, billionaire Nelson Peltz, is suing the wedding planners for $159,000 - and F1 driver Hamilton is oddly a key part of the case, the Daily Mail report.

Beckham and Nicola Peltz’s original wedding planners, who planned Ivanka’s Trump wedding, were ditched six weeks prior to the $3.5m event, and replaced by Nicole Braghin and Arianna Grijalba.

Will Lewis Hamilton ever win another F1 world championship?

But the bride’s father, who is itching to get on the board at Disney, also dumped them before the wedding and is now filing a lawsuit to reclaim his deposit, which he claims has not been refunded.

This is where Hamilton comes into a baffling story.

The wedding of the “world famous actress” had “a guest list [including] more than five hundred people, including numerous celebrities, athletes, dignitaries and other influential individuals, who travelled from all around the globe to attend,” the lawsuit says.

Hamilton’s lack of attendance has been revealed as a major break-down in trust between Peltz and the wedding planners.

Details of a group chat between the bride and her planners, discussing Hamilton, were revealed in the lawsuit.

“Lewis Hamilton did NOT RSVP,” complained the bride Nicola. “So explain why his name is on the list please?

“We spoke to him. He can't come so explain why you said he RSVP’d yes.”

The planner claimed it was a technological error, and bride Nicola complained: “That’s not true. He didn’t RSVP AT ALL.”

The planners replied: “Then the email from him was wrong…”

The lawsuit claims that the wedding planners could not handle the demands of a VIP guestlist.

The wedding took place last April - and, if anyone was wondering, Red Bull boss Christian Horner and his wife Geri Halliwell were also not in attendance despite the obvious Spice Girls link!