Mercedes endured a season to forget - by their high standards - winning just one race during the entirety of 2022.

2023 Mercedes W14: Can they challenge for the title?

The German manufacturer’s performance was limited by the bouncing phenomenon, while their aerodynamic concept simply wasn’t at the level of Red Bull or Ferrari.

In the end, Mercedes slumped to their worst campaign since 2012, following a glorious period of success winning eight consecutive constructors’ titles.

Mercedes launched their new challenger - the W14 - on Wednesday, and the team are confident that F1 2023 will not be a repeat.

However, the W14’s predecessor has found a new home at Mercedes’ base in Brackley.

The W13 will remain in the team’s lobby, so any staff or visitors will be able to see it on entry.

Speaking after yesterday’s launch, Wolff told media including the reasons for this decision.

“Yeah it’s going to go in the lobby but I’ve changed my approach a bit. I wanted to put it in the lobby as a reminder that you must not rest on your laurels, but I want to place it in the lobby as it is a symbol of boldness for me, and courage. 

“We took a radical design direction last year and we dared, and we failed. So for me that shows a lot about the mindset of the team, in how it is important to cope with success and failure, and I wouldn’t want us to go in any shape or form conservative in the future. 

“I want us to take calculated risks and be bold.”