The new season of ‘Drive To Survive’ features F1 champion Max Verstappen being interviewed for the first time, and features ex-Haas driver Mick Schumacher in an episode largely dedicated to him.

But their fathers took centre stage through heart-warming old footage of them in an interview where they were asked if their young sons would become racing drivers.

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Jos Verstappen said: “They are a similar age so, for sure, they will compete with each other.”

Michael Schumacher joked: “It could be the first time we argue if our two are racing each other!”

Jos and Michael were teammates in 1994 at Benetton.

The extent of the heart-warming relationship between the Verstappen and Schumacher families was explained, with a previously unseen image of Michael holding a baby Max shown.

Max told Netflix: “We used to go on holidays, when we were little, the two families. These memories will stay with us. Michael is a very proud dad, for sure.”

Other memories of the legendary Michael were shared by F1 figures in the episode.

Lewis Hamilton said: “I remember watching Michael and trying to imagine what it would be like to be there. Super talented, super driven.”

Toto Wolff said: “The most famous sportsperson in the world, back in the day. Someone that I truly admire and respect.”

Sebastian Vettel added: “I do think he just had a natural gift. He was my hero. There was something extra that I haven’t seen in someone else.”

Mick’s journey in F1 came to an abrupt halt at the end of 2022 when he was axed by Haas. This year he will be Mercedes’ third driver (the team where Michael ended his esteemed career), before seeking a full-time comeback in 2024.

Max Verstappen said: “Mick is a very good driver. Everyone will compare him to his dad which is unfair because he achieved so much.”

Haas team principal Guenther Steiner, whose conversations to replace Mick were laid bare by the episode, said in an interview with Netflix: [The Schumacher name] is a curse and a blessing. At some stage, everyone needs to be their own man. You can’t live in the shadow of someone else. Not only in racing, but also in life.”

But Mick told Netflix: “My name is only a blessing. Some may say it is a curse, as well.”