The Canadian missed the three days of pre-season testing ahead of F1 2023 due to the wrist injuries he sustained during his cycling shunt.

Stroll was visibly struggling during Aston Martin with his wrists, holding the steering wheel on his cockpit in an unusual way.

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His condition seemed to improve overnight as Stroll qualified eighth for Sunday’s race.

Speaking after qualifying in Bahrain, Stroll spoke about his accident and the extent of his injuries, explaining that he had broken his toe as well.

“It’s been pretty insane,” Stroll told Sky. “It’s exactly two weeks today since my crash, my bike crash, twelve days since surgery, came out of the hospital a week ago.

“I couldn’t move my hands, I couldn’t walk, I broke my toe.

“Bahrain looked like it was very far away at the time and the light at the end of the tunnel was very far at the time. Really just grateful to be here and back in the car.”

Stroll admitted that Saturday was the first day he was able to walk without any pain.

“Today is actually the first day I’m feeling my toes good enough to walk on it, but it doesn’t hurt in the car, unless I hit a few bumps, but it’s okay,” he added.

“I’m feeling better every day. Still just doing a lot of physio, icing my wrists. Every day is a 10 percent improvement kind of thing and tomorrow should be good.

“We have a great car in the long runs, so I’m looking forward to it.”