With Mercedes reportedly lining up significant upgrades for Azerbaijan and Imola, it’s no surprise that they have no new substantial upgrades for this weekend.

They have made a minor tweak, with vanes added to the underside of the floor edge to improve flow to to the rear of the floor and diffuser.

It’s a similar story at Ferrari, who have endured a stuttering start to F1 2023.

Why have Mercedes & Red Bull dominated F1 so much?

Both teams are working hard to turn their seasons around given the substantial deficit to Red Bull.

With fundamental car changes on the way for Mercedes and Ferrari, we will have to wait a bit longer to see any big modifications.

Aston Martin and Haas are the other two teams without any new parts.

Reigning world champions Red Bull have a new front wing for this weekend at Albert Park.

The team have also changed a part of the wheel bodywork around the rear tyres in a bid to improve cooling.

Red Bull

Front wing endplate - The surfaces of the front wing end plate have become more cambered.

Front wing - Elements three and four of the front wing have been revised to increase the chord length and or local camber.

Rear corner - Changes to the portion of the wheel bodywork which wraps around the side of the rear tyre.


Engine cover - Reduced size engine cover to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

Diffuser - Modified floor fences.


Floor body - The floor body has been modified in the area behind the floor fences. The changes have been made to improve load under the floor.

Floor fences - All of the fences on the forward floor have been modified. This has been done to help reduce “junction losses” between the fences and floor body.

Floor edge - Changes to have a continuous “shredding edge” in a bid to improve consistency and increase of local load.

Diffuser - Modification to the diffuser roof to have an increase in planview curvature. 

Alfa Romeo

Nose - Redesigned nose cone area to improve the overall balance of the car.

Front wing - All elements have been reprofiled.

Sidepod inlet - Changes to the rear-view mirror to allow better control of airflow towards the rear of the car.


Front wing - A new iteration of the front wing flap to better suit the aerobalance of Albert Park.

Rear wing endplate - An additional flow control device has been added to improve the flow around the rear of the car.


Halo - Revised halo fairing detail to provide a “small improvement" to improve airflow at the rear.