Ferrari bring one upgrade to Miami to fight Red Bull - but Mercedes unchanged

Here is the full list of upgrades brought to the F1 Miami Grand Prix by every team - Mercedes and Red Bull have made no changes since Baku.
Ferrari SF-23 of Charles Leclerc (MON) Ferrari being prepared with a giant cut out of his head in the cockpit. Formula 1
Ferrari SF-23 of Charles Leclerc (MON) Ferrari being prepared with a giant…


Floor Body - Updated front/mid floor and diffuer geometries - this new floor component is part of the standard development cycle. Particular attention has been put on losses reduction in all the updated areas, with the aim to improve the overall aerodynamic performance and car effiency. The picture below is a sketch of Ferrari's upgrade.

Ferrari bring one upgrade to Miami to fight Red Bull - but Mercedes unchanged

Aston Martin

Cooling Louvres - a new bodywork panel is available for R05 with an additional area of cooling exits in the side of the bodywork. Use will be dependant on the conditions. The additional exit area allows more cooling flow to exit from the underbody cavity hence increasing cooling capacity allowing operating targets to be met in hotter conditions.

Alfa Romeo

Beam Wing - added option to run it without the flap - this is an additional configuration of previously utilised parts; we have added this possible combination to give us an additional aerodynamic solution to respond to the characteristics of the Miami track.


Performance - Geometry of the surface that controls the expansion of the floor has been modified. With a better control of the pressure distribution and the management of the lateral flow, we have obtained improvement of the car aerodynamic efficiency at low, medium and high speed.

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Front Wing - Compared to launch, the outboard end of the front wing is modified to raise the tip elements and add small winglets to the inboard side of the endplate close to its trailing edge - These modifications reduce the tip losses generated by the assembly that pass inboard of the front tyre. This increases the energy in the flowfield downstream and allows the floor in particular to generate more load.

Sidepod Inlet - Relative to the launch mirror assembly that only has an aerofoil section above the mirror body, this update adds an aerofoil section below the mirror body as well. An extra winglet has also been added to the outboard mirror stay where it meets the sidepod upper surface - The addition of the wing element below the mirror body reduces the size of the wake generated by the mirror glass by generating local upwash behind it. The reduction in wake losses allows the rear of the car to receive higher energy flow, improving downforce generation as a result. The extra winglet provides some additional outwash to help keep front wheel wake losses further away from the bodywork.

Red Bull, Mercedes, Alpine and McLaren have no new upgrades for the F1 Miami Grand Prix.


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