The billionaire duo are reportedly eyeing possible involvements in the future of F1 as the sport grows in the United States.

Insiders claimed that a bid to buy F1 from Liberty Media was unlikely but “there is a strong possibility both are keen to become involved” in the sport.

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Liberty paid $4.4 billion to buy F1 and estimates suggest it is now worth double that sum.

Musk’s net worth is an estimated $178 billion and Bezos’ is $128 billion so they could easily afford to buy whatever they wish!

“We’ve seen Tim Cook, Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos all take a look around F1 in the past two US-based races," Mark Turner, CEO of Seamless Digital, a technology company in F1 that already work with McLaren and Google, told The US Sun.

"That is more proof America is really leaning into all things technology in the sport at the moment."

Musk aligned himself with Red Bull in Miami while Bezos spent time with McLaren.