Hamilton, now aged 38, is facing a third season without winning the F1 championship as his rival Max Verstappen solidifies his era of dominance.

Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes expires at the end of this season creating the possibility that he could seek pastures new to claim the all-time record eighth F1 title.

Why are Mercedes going backwards in F1 2023?

“My only concern is that Lewis has to find something else in his mojo now,” Eddie Jordan, the ex-F1 team owner, told the Formula For Success podcast.

“And he needs to get out of there! He needs to move on! 

“Just like he did when he was with McLaren. Get out of Mercedes, Lewis.

“ It’s time you reinvented yourself somewhere else.”

Ferrari are the team that Hamilton has been most notably linked with joining next season.

Hamilton finished behind his teammate George Russell in the F1 standings last season as Mercedes battled porpoising and the major issues with their car.

Russell remains competitive at the front of the grid this year too and is widely considered a future world champion within the paddock.

“I got it wrong with George,” Jordan conceded.

“I saw him in the Williams and I thought: ‘Are they really going to sign him? Is that really what’s going to happen?’

“He absolutely blew me away. He did. And full marks, hands up, I got that wrong.

“I never thought he would do what he’s doing, and I never thought that he would be beating Lewis.”

Mercedes plan to bring substantial upgrades to next weekend’s F1 Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix.