The seven-time world champion is playing a crucial role in the development of a new F1 movie directed by Joseph Kosinski - the man behind Top Gun: Maverick which featured Tom Cruise.

The identity of the new team that will feature in it has been revealed - Apex Racing.

Why are Mercedes going backwards in F1 2023?

Last month it was announced that Pitt would drive a Mercedes-designed F2-level car at the British Grand Prix later this year.

Real life footage from the 10 F1 teams will also appear in the film.

“We have a few more details,” Kravitz said. “Lewis was talking about how great it was to watch Brad in action - how he’s going to approach the character. Brad Pitt is playing a retired racing driver who comes out of retirement to help a young driver - Damson Idris - to championship success or whatever it is. That is the plot.

“The team is going to be called Apex Racing and it’s going to be in amongst all of the other teams. So all of the other teams - Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull will be playing themselves in the movie and it will be intercut with proper racing footage. 

“The 11th team - Apex Racing - piloted by, I think, Damson Idris and Brad Pitt, is going to be amongst it all. Good luck Joseph Kosinski, the director, to sort out all of that continuity.

“I believe all of the other teams have said yes, absolutely happy for our names and intellectual property to be in the movie.

The technical director of Apex Racing, the team, is played by Kerry Condon - the Irish actress. Brilliantly, Oscar-nominated. She is playing James Allison which I like and Lewis was talking about this even though he wouldn’t confirm those actors I was talking about. 

“He’s so proud and pleased we’ve got a diverse cast in there, in the film and he’s so excited about it.”