Both parties have often been complimentary about each other, while coincidentally, Verstappen and Alonso have shared intense rivalries with Hamilton over the years.

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In an interview with The Times, Verstappen praised Alonso for “showing extra capacity” when racing in F1.

“I do like to think that having extra capacity is a big advantage in F1,” Verstappen said. “You cannot train that kind of thing. Only a few drivers have it.

“For me, definitely Fernando [Alonso] - I can feel that, from the way he operates in the car, picking up on little things, showing this extra capacity - still driving at the limit but thinking about other stuff as well.

“You are talking to the engineer but I am also hearing a pit stop by a Ferrari car.

“I asked, ‘Did they box? I heard that on the radio.’ But if you are fully focused on your driving, you probably won’t pick it up because you are fully focused on his voice.”

Verstappen was pressed on why he didn’t choose Hamilton in his answer.

“No, because Fernando stands out more with that,” he explained. “