Russell picked up his first podium finish of F1 2023, finishing behind Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton.

It was Mercedes’ best weekend of the year, scoring their first double podium result of the season.

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However, it wasn’t an entirely straightforward weekend for Russell, who was knocked out in Q2.

He also collided with Hamilton during the end of the second part of qualifying, although neither driver was to blame according to the stewards.

Russell also had a run through the gravel trap during his reconnaissance lap.

“George has still got a little chink in his armour,” Coulthard told Channel 4. “That late movement in qualifying where they had contact, if you remember he’s had some little drop the ball moments.

“He’s not the complete finished article yet. He’s pretty close.

“But Lewis Hamilton when he’s back, he’s back.”

Hamilton’s return to form was predicted by Coulthard earlier in the year, stating that “the mighty Lewis is still there” despite a rocky 2022 campaign.

“This is the best car that George has ever driven, remember he was at Williams, this is not the best car that Lewis has ever driven," Coulthard added.

“His mind is in a different place, the car isn’t talking to him, playing to his strengths and you can see he is fighting it out there, it’s just not stable.

“So you have two drivers at different phases of their career. The mighty Lewis is still in there, it just won’t really show itself until the Mercedes is as mighty as it once was.”