The cooldown room is the perfect opportunity for drivers to speak about the race which just happened, giving fans and viewers exclusive insight. 

It was the same in Canada, with Hamilton, Verstappen and Fernando Alonso exchanging words.

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It was another insightful discussion, with a stark admission from Hamilton about Mercedes’ performance in low-speed corners.

The seven-time world champion said: "We suck in the low speed corners,” he said. “Your rear-end is insane.”

Verstappen didn’t go too much away in response, while Hamilton was also quick to compliment Alonso for Aston Martin’s rear-end performance.

Ricciardo - who is currently Red Bull’s third driver - gave his thoughts on Hamilton’s brief discussion with Verstappen.

“It's interesting you know,” Ricciardo said when speaking to actor and comedian Will Arnett during a live watch-along of the race. 

“I see it as Lewis has gone up to him thinking he's vulnerable and might let his guard down and try and get some information about the car and give it back to the team. 

“But Max wasn't giving him too much. It was all very blasé. I've been in those rooms enough times to know you've still got to be on it and not get complacent.”