When attempting to overtake the Haas driver into Turn 3, de Vries locked up, forcing both drivers to take to the run-off area.

It concluded a clumsy battle between the pair which ended in comical fashion as both drivers were forced to reverse from Turn 3.

Why the fight for 2nd in the Constructors Championship is so exciting...

Magnussen has a reputation for aggressive driving wheel-to-wheel and the Dane was very self aware in his response after the race on Sunday.

“I was on the outside, and I was blocked and ended up on the run-off with him, so that was unlucky for me,” he explained.

“He was racing pretty hard, that's for sure, but who am I to complain about that?

“I think the problem was he missed his braking in Turn 3 and took me with him. I don't think he did that on purpose.”

De Vries simply described the clash as a ‘racing incident’.

“We were just racing each other hard through [Turns] 1, 2, and I undercut and was on the dirt," he added.

“[We were] pushing each other hard into that braking point and I locked up and went straight [on]. [It was] kind of a racing fight and incident.

“I felt like I had the momentum and I thought I kind of had him, but then he almost went through the grass on the kerb to get me back and we were just fighting. I guess that's racing.

“Certainly we would have finished higher up but, if we are honest to ourselves, I don't think we had the package to fight for points.”