Cara Delevingne hits back at claims she ignored Martin Brundle in grid walk row

Cara Delevingne, the model and actress who caused a stir by refusing to talk to Martin Brundle on the Silverstone grid, has had her say on the row.
Cara Delevingne (GBR) Model and Actress. Formula 1 World Championship, Rd 11, British Grand Prix, Silverstone, England,
Cara Delevingne (GBR) Model and Actress. Formula 1 World Championship,…

Sky F1 presenter Brundle asked permission to talk to Delevingne during his trademark pre-race grid walk at the British Grand Prix but she declined.

Brundle attempted to insist that all celebrities should say a few words on cameras before admitting defeat and muttering “I’m sure it would have been extremely interesting…”

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She later said via social media: “I was told to say no so I did. Thank you for seeing both sides.”

And added the person alongside her “wasn’t an agent, it was an F1 representative”.

Delevingne then retweeted a post which said: “Grid walk passes include agreeing to be filmed, not interviewed. 

“Consent is a thing? No is no. 

“Cara has every right to deny to be interviewed.

“Maybe you think Cara was rude, but Martin was just as rude, if not more so.

Martin Brundle (GBR) Sky Sports
Martin Brundle (GBR) Sky Sports

“National treasure or not, that doesn't give him the right to demand interviews from anyone.

“She was told by an F1 representative to say no.

“People refuse to be interviewed by Brundle all the time, no big deal.”

Brundle’s pre-race grid walks where he speaks to celebrities are a much-loved part of the F1 broadcast.

He was notoriously shoved away by Megan Thee Stallion’s security two years ago forcing F1 to change their rules, stating celebrities cannot bring bodyguards onto the grid.

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