Verstappen has dominated this year’s championship at Perez’s expense, winning 13 of the 16 races in F1 2023.

Perez did start the year strongly, winning two of the opening four races.

However, after missing out on the win in Miami, despite starting on pole position and Verstappen down in ninth, his form dipped.

Perez failed to make Q3 on five consecutive occasions while Max Verstappen went unbeaten for 10 races.

The Mexican’s lack of form has been inconsequential in Red Bull retaining the constructors’ championship, however, his future with the team has been questioned.

Perez Garibay reopened the Red Bull favouritism debate with his comments following the Japanese Grand Prix.

“Checo continues to battle. The car is set for Max because he drives with all the grip at the front and Checo has done it all the time with the grip at the back,” he told ESTO.

“The position Checo is in is the one he was hired for, second place.

“There is only one champion and you have to understand that. He has to work for it and respect it.

“All this was built for Max to be a champion and you have to understand and respect it.

“If he moved to another team he could be fourth or sixth.”