Ralf Schumacher’s emotional comment about Michael Schumacher’s family

Ralf Schumacher has made an emotional comment about his brother Michael Schumacher.
 Shanghai, China,
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Shanghai, China, Ralf Schumacher (GER), Toyota Racing and Michael…

It is a decade since Michael’s skiing accident, which left him in a coma.

In the 10 years since, the seven-time Formula 1 champion’s condition has been kept private by his closest family members.

"Unfortunately, sometimes life isn't fair,” Ralf told German magazine Bunte when asked about contact with his brother’s family.

“We have to accept it.”

While ex-driver Ralf remains in the F1 paddock as a broadcaster for Sky in Germany, Michael’s son Mick Schumacher had two seasons as a full-time driver with Haas.

"When I see his children Gina-Maria and Mick, my heart smiles,” Ralf said. 

“If someone in the family is looking for my advice, I'm there. They go their own way."

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No ‘final report’ on Michael Schumacher’s health

The F1 legend’s lawyer, Felix Damm, recently revealed why the family opted against releasing a “final report” about his health.

“It was always about protecting private things,” he said. “We considered whether a final report about Michael’s health could be the right way to do this.

“But that wouldn’t have been the end of it and there would have had to be constantly updated ‘water level reports’ and it would not have been up to the family when the media interest in the story stopped.

“They [the media] could pick up on such a report again and again and as ‘and what does it look like now?’ one, two, three months or years after the message,” he added. “If we then wanted to take action against this reporting, we would have to deal with the argument of voluntary self-disclosure.

“If it is not the person concerned himself but friends or acquaintances who disclose private information, it is not a case of ‘voluntary self-disclosure’ of privacy.

“Therefore, the data subject can defend himself against disclosure of private circumstances even if the information comes from an acquaintance.”

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