Brundle criticises Verstappen’s “clown” moan: “It’s not the worst job, is it?”

Max Verstappen’s claim that he felt like “a clown” during the F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix opening ceremony has been criticised by Martin Brundle.
Brundle criticises Verstappen’s “clown” moan: “It’s not the worst job, is it?”

The F1 champion complained that the inaugural Vegas race was “99 percent show and one percent sporting event”.

But he has been dealt a stern reminder that his job includes the type of marketing events that have been particularly prevalent in Vegas.

“If he doesn’t like it, I’m not sure he needs to say anything at all,” Brundle said on Sky.

“I was a bit disappointed by that.

“Standing on a rostrum and waving at a lot of adulation from the fans… it’s not the worst job in the world, is it?

“You’re not on shift work or down the mines…

“I don’t understand why he feels so negative about it.

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“I sat with some mates having a beer in the Bellagio, before I heard those comments, I said ‘I’m so envious of these drivers, they get given such a platform, and such credit where it’s due’.

“What a wonderful experience it must be, to be a grand prix driver now with these facilities.

“Then I read [his comments]. So I was a bit surprised.”

Jenson Button agreed: “Yes, surprised that he was so outspoken.

“But that’s the way Max is. He wants to go racing. That’s all he wants to do, it seems!

“But there are other parts to this job, as we all know.

“The racing is the fun bit. We get paid to do the other stuff.”

Danica Patrick added: “I get what Max is saying. “You are always going to push back, as a driver.

“You don’t want to do anything else except drive.

“But there has to be an understanding for the balance of it all.

“There will be events like this, where there’s a lot, and then events where you won’t have much to do.”

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