Pierre Gasly will talk to Mercedes as they consider Lewis Hamilton replacement

Pierre Gasly's management "expected to accelerate their exploration of other opportunities”

(L to R): Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 and Pierre Gasly (FRA) Alpine F1 Team in the FIA Press Conference. Formula
(L to R): Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 and Pierre Gasly (FRA)…

Pierre Gasly’s management will soon reportedly make contact with Mercedes about their 2025 vacancy.

Lewis Hamilton’s decision to spend one final season with Mercedes before moving to Ferrari next year is guaranteed to cause a major driver market shake-up.

Who Mercedes will pick to replace Hamilton next year is at the centre of the merry-go-round.

“Talks are anticipated” between Alpine driver Gasly and Mercedes, as they “weigh up their options,” F1.com report.

“His management are expected to accelerate their exploration of other opportunities” in the coming weeks.

Next year there are currently vacant seats at Mercedes, Red Bull, Aston Martin, Sauber and more.

Alpine know that the contracts of both Gasly and his teammate Esteban Ocon will expire this year too.

And “they are aware that their drivers are coveted by others”, the report states.

Ocon, whose career is still managed by Mercedes, has been linked to replacing Hamilton too. He is also of interest to Sauber.

Alpine have already been in discussions to extend both Gasly and Ocon’s stay but “talks are expected to become more frequent and formal” due to the attractive vacancy that has opened at Mercedes.

Toto Wolff’s team “are not in a rush to decide” which has a knock-on effect at Alpine.

Team Principal Bruno Famin said about his drivers: “We are talking to them on a permanent basis.

“We were talking before the Hamilton announcement, we have talked since.

“We are transparent. They are transparent.

“We know what we want. We will see how the market develops.

“Of course, we are looking at everything. We have to be ready in case. Nobody knows what can happen. Let’s be vigilant.”

Ocon has said about his next move: “I feel good here, but as you know, we don’t know what the future holds in Formula 1.

“At the moment, yeah, I’m focusing on the job I have to do this year.

“Do a good job on track and as long as you do that, you’re sure teams will want you.”

Gasly was asked if he’d contacted Mercedes’ Wolff to register his interest in replacing Hamilton, and he replied: “It’s the last year of the contract. At the minute, my main focus is with Alpine.

“I’m fully onboard with the team. We know what we signed for. That’s what I’m fully working on.

“There are conversations going on with the team with Alpine, seeing what we want to do in the future.”

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