The most epic super-yachts at the F1 Monaco Grand Prix

Yachts routinely steal the show during the F1 grand prix weekend.


The yachts docking in the harbour for the F1 Monaco Grand Prix have turned heads - with a couple particularly impressing.

A yacht named Seven Sins caused a commotion because there is a Bugatti Chiron onboard.

The Seven Sins can be chartered for a week at a much more reasonable $300,000 but that doesn’t come with the Bugatti! 

The car itself is worth around £2.5m and, now, there is one in full view in Monaco harbour during the F1.

A yacht named Evrima, owned by Ritz-Carlton, is being used by Lewis Hamilton, George Russell and Toto Wolff as part of their partnership with Mercedes.

Evrima is more of a floating luxury hotel than a boat.

Guests have voyaged around France before docking in Monaco for the coolest weekend of the year.

Rooms cost $10,000 to $100,000 for holidaymakers at this time of year.

If you want to charter Evrima, it will set you back $2.2m for a week.

It boasts 149 rooms, a private terrace for each suite, an infinity pool and even an onboard therapist.

It has direct access to the seawater, and watersports, from its deck.

A superyacht named Faith has also docked in Monaco for the grand prix and it is known to some of F1's richest people.

The $200m yacht was previously owned by Lawrence Stroll, the current Aston Martin owner.

Stroll sold it to the billionaire father of former F1 driver Nicholas Latifi.

Faith has a helipad onboard plus a gym and a theatre.

And it's yours to rent for one week for a mere $1.5m...

A yacht named Lionheart is also turning heads in Monaco this year.

It was formerly owned by businessman Philip Green, and is valued at $150m.

Yachts routinely steal the show during the F1 grand prix weekend.

Most famously, when Kimi Raikkonen was forced to retire early from the 2006 Monaco Grand Prix, rather than go back to his team garage he instead walked straight to the harbour to find his yacht.

Moments later, he was spotted lounging in the sun onboard his private yacht with his friends - with the F1 race going on without him.

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