Following doubt cast by rival teams upon the legality of the design of Ferrari's F60, the Scuderia has modified the rear exhaust outlets on its new car.

Leading technical experts from McLaren-Mercedes, BMW-Sauber and Toyota had all questioned the design of the exposed exhaust pipes [see separate story - click here], with concerns that they were in contravention of the new aerodynamic regulations implemented ahead of the 2009 Formula 1 World Championship campaign.

Those rules have imposed strict limitations on bodywork appendages such as winglets and other accessories, and F1SA reports that whilst the design of the F60 was in accordance with the FIA's originally-published guidelines, it fell foul following an exhaust pipe clarification made by the governing body's technical delegate Charlie Whiting in September.

The design has now been altered so that the pipes do not protrude beyond the permitted tolerance above the surface of the bodywork.