As prospective Formula One entrants wait to see if they have secured a slot on the grid for the 2010 season, the Brabham family has announced that is to take legal action against Formtech over use of the Brabham name.

Formtech is one of a number of teams hoping to secure one of the vacant slots on the grid for next season, and lodged its entry with the FIA under the Brabham Grand Prix name.

That led to the family of triple F1 champion Sir Jack Brabham issuing a statement to make it clear it had no involvement with the planned programme, and will now take legal action against Formtech for use of the name.

"It has been necessary to commence legal action against Brabham Grand Prix Limited following Formtech's application to enter the FIA Formula One World Championship in 2010 in that name," a family statement read. "The Brabham family have made numerous approaches to Formtech with proposals to amicably resolve the situation.

"In the absence of any response from the team, the family has been left with no alternative but to issue the relevant proceedings to protect the family name, irrespective of whether Formtech is granted an entry by the FIA on Friday 12 June.

"The Brabham name has always been the property of the family and it is sad that once again steps have to be taken to protect it."

The news follows similar claims that Group Lotus may be prepared to take action to prevent the Lotus name being used by Litespeed's proposed F1 entry,