Fernando Alonso has revealed that Michael Schumacher did accuse him of blocking during qualifying for last weekend's Australian Grand Prix.

Alonso was approached by Schumacher at the end of the one hour session to set the grid for the second round on the F1 2010 schedule and was asked by the German 'whether the team had told him [he was on a flying lap]'.

"Yes, he thought I had held him up intentionally on his fast lap," Alonso told ESPN. "But that's nonsense. I could not see him in the mirrors and there was no info on the radio. So I was only able to move over after he was already there."

Schumacher also spoke to FIA representative, Charlie Whiting, to get clarification on the issue: "Basically on my last try, I was slowed down by him [Alonso]," Schumacher added. "I asked him whether the team had told him [I was on a flying lap], and he said 'no'.

"It's difficult in a way because he's on his in-lap and worrying about other things other than watching the mirror, but saying that, we had this chat Friday in the drivers' briefing - that care should be taken about this - and he was one of the main guys talking about it.

"I had a conversation with Charlie about this as well, because I need to know what is the reference, what are the guidelines here, what are the rules? Because if the rules have changed a little bit to what they used to be, I need to know what you would be okay with, and what not.

"I had a similar issue with Lewis [Hamilton] too, in that he was preparing for his lap and blocking me in a way, which is not very nice."

Schumacher qualified seventh in Australia, while Alonso was third on the grid and Hamilton 11th.