Almost two weeks on from the now infamous incident at Silverstone, a senior Red Bull Racing engineer has revealed that Mark Webber didn't even like the developmental front wing that ended up causing such a furore and fall-out over the weekend of the British Grand Prix.

The wing in question was controversially removed from Webber's RB6 prior to qualifying at Silverstone, to be fitted instead onto the sister car of Sebastian Vettel after the young German's had broken during FP3 on Saturday morning.

That led to accusations of favouritism within the RBR camp again rearing their ugly head - with memories of Istanbul still fresh in observers' minds - and the Australian himself exacerbated the situation by acerbically proclaiming on the pit-to-car radio after dominating the race the following day that his peerless victory had been 'not bad for a number two driver'.

Whilst the air has since been cleared and all sides insist the focus has been firmly switched to this weekend's fast-approaching German Grand Prix at Hockenheim, a 'senior engineer' from the energy drinks-backed outfit has stirred the waters once more by admitting that he was 'very surprised' at Webber's public outburst, explaining that it was only Vettel who 'immediately' liked the new wing in practice.

"Throughout the period when he used the new wing, he (Webber) complained that it did not work any better than the old one," the unnamed engineer told Finnish newspaper Turun Sanomat. "Mark simply did not get a good feeling with it, but when there was only one left, Mark absolutely wanted to have it.

"He did not care about it at all when we still had two new wings. We believe that the team management's decision was well-reasoned and logical."