He might be enduring a rather less-than-glorious comeback to top flight competition in F1 2010, but at least Michael Schumacher has been spared the ignominy of seeing his former manager Willi Weber being sent to jail for insolvency.

Weber currently manages Schumacher's younger compatriot and Williams rookie Nico H?lkenberg and retains an involvement in the commercial side of the former's career - but in 2008 the flamboyant businessman was sentenced to two years' probation and a substantial fine for having presided over the transfer of money and assets from an insolvent Schumacher merchandising company.

The 68-year-old has now re-appeared before a German district court in Stuttgart, it has been reported, on charges of the embezzlement of EUR1.2 million and fraudulent bankruptcy of the company 'Pole Position Marketing' - for which he was put on a further two-year probationary period, fined EUR93,600 in damages and ordered to pay EUR360,000 to charity.