Italian Grand Prix organisers have expressed concern that a proposed F1 race on the streets of Rome could see the sport elect to leave Monza.

Bernie Ecclestone has made no secret of his wish to have a race on the streets of the Italian capital although no deal has yet been signed to allow an event to take place.

While both Ecclestone and Rome chiefs insist that there is room for two Italian races on the calendar, in much the same way as Spain holds events at both Catalunya and Valencia, Monza boss Enrico Ferrari has revealed he is worried that a street race could mark the end for a circuit that has been on the schedule since 1950 - aside from the 1980 event which was held at Imola.

"Amid a globalisation of grands prix, each country will inevitably be allowed to stage only one," he told Bloomberg. "Since Rome is the capital, I'm afraid we'd lose the grand prix forever."

The Rome City Council is due to meet this month to consider how to move forwards with its bid to host an F1 race, despite mayor Gianni Alemanno insisting that the plans don't have the overwhelming support of local residents [See separate story HERE].



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