After the guessing games and rumours surrounding Red Bull Racing's use of KERS at the Australian Grand Prix, the team has said that it will be employed at round two in Malaysia.

Suspicions that the team may be employing an alternative version of the energy recovery system were piqued when neither Sebastian Vettel or Mark Webber would discuss the matter after qualifying, both claiming not to have been able to deploy the extra power on their fastest laps without admitting that no KERS was in place. That led to suggestions that a 'mini-KERS' had been developed within RBR's Milton Keynes bunker, usable only at the very start of the race to ensure the drivers held or gained positions.

Vettel continued to tease the media after a race which he had won easily - and having blasted away at the start - only to be undone by team principal Christian Horner's admission that no KERS system had been fitted to the RB7s all weekend.

Since then, Vettel has conceded that the team is continuing to work on its system, while Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko has hinted that the aid would be considered based on whichever circuit was next on the agenda, but the definitive answer on its possible debut again came from Horner.

"We will run KERS in Malaysia," he told Britain's Guardian newspaper, "It was a very marginal decision not to run it [in Australia] but, in Malaysia, there is a long run to the first turn and we are keen to get it on the car there."



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