Anthony Hamilton reckons his son Lewis will come back stronger in F1 2012.

The McLaren driver has had a difficult season, marred by a number of incidents - most noticeably in recent months with Felipe Massa.

Korea last weekend, however, provided a boost and Hamilton Sr believes he has now 'turned a corner'.

"There's only so much [negative criticism] that one person can take," Hamilton Sr told BBC Sport.

"Lewis is an extremely talented individual and I tell you what, most of us would not have been able to come back from what he has had to face this year.

"I think in Korea, he showed just how much of a champion he is, not just as a racing driver but as an individual.

"Let's face it, he's had a tough year, he's faced a lot of criticism and yet still he comes back fighting and can produce results that he did last week. He's an incredible man and an inspiration to so many people.

"He's turned a corner in everything he's done, his lifestyle and his love of motorsport.

"You've not seen Lewis Hamilton yet, you've seen a young Lewis Hamilton. Now a new Lewis Hamilton is coming."