Ten top 'Murrayisms'

A look at some of Murray Walker's best 'Murrayisms'

Recent months have seen plenty of discussions surrounding F1 commentators following the announcement that Sky and the BBC are to share broadcasting of the sport from 2012 onwards in a move which has divided fans of the sport.

Sky will pair Martin Brundle with David Croft for its coverage, while Ben Edwards is set to lead the BBC TV coverage, with former ITV-F1 man James Allen replacing Croft on BBC 5Live.

However, the man who many will always see as the voice of F1 is Murray Walker - now 88-years-old but fondly remembered by generations of fans who grew up listening to his enthusiastic commentary on the sport.

As we prepare for the serious business of the 2012 season to get underway, here's ten of the 'Murrayisms' which Walker will forever be known for - let us know your favourites by clicking the link below...

I'll stop the startwatch

Tambay's hopes, which were nil before, are absolutely zero now

Escorts are in a first, second and third - which isn't a surprise because they are all Escorts in this race

With half of the race gone, there is still half of the race to go

There are seven winners of the Monaco Grand Prix on the starting line today, and four of them are Michael Schumacher

Fisichella is eighth, Mika Salo is an excellent ninth for Sauber and Jenson Button is inside the top ten in eleventh place

This will be Williams' first win since the last time a Williams won

A battle is developing between them...I say developing because it's not yet on

And there's a dry line appearing in the tunnel - obvious really as it has a roof

This has been a great season for Nelson Piquet, as he is now known, and always has been

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