After McLaren denied reports this week suggesting that it was speaking to Craig Pollock's PURE company about a future F1 engine supply [see separate story - click here], Jacques Villeneuve's former manager has said that while they did pay the Woking-based team a visit at the end of 2011, they also visited all the other F1 teams too.

Speaking in an interview with Pollock added that there have been no 'follow-up meetings or discussions' since.

"The contact between PURE and McLaren was towards the end of last year when we visited all F1 teams to present the PURE powertrain programme," Pollock told the Italian site.

"This meeting took place with Gilles Simon and myself along with the pertinent McLaren representatives. There has been no follow up meeting or discussions to date.

"We will contact McLaren and all other teams shortly for the follow up meetings," he summarised.


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